Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What I would rather be doing....

It is raining.

It is cold.

Maya has gymnastics.

This is likely the last time I personally get to (have to) take her.


A cold drafty gymnasium. Sitting on cold bleachers.

Then there is the little boy who obsessively throws a tennis ball up in the air and catches it. I almost had to be restrained from him once.

Then there are the multiple pop machines with which they are both obsessed. Already made sure I have my crisp dollar bills.

Then there is the freaky looking mom who I have a hard time not staring at for a solid hour. Bad Manners Much?!

Then there are the little little kids with Leappads. Nothing like dueling Disney Princess leappad books to brighten your afternoon.

Seth loves gymnastics. There is an older boy there who apparently doesn't have a gameboy and likes to watch Seth play Pokemon. Makes Seth feel like a rock star... Sometimes if he is feeling particularly benevolent, he lets him PLAY it.

What would I like to be doing? Sitting on my fanny on the couch watching me some Judge Judy and drinking cheap Pinot Grigio from the grocery store.

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Linda said...

I just want peace and quiet...I get some but not often enough for me...why oh why did we put the office DOWNSTAIRS? The kids are like elephants up there....sigh