Monday, June 01, 2009

Summer Cooking

In the summer I get the urge to eat little, often Mediterranean bites of things. Last summer, you may remember I spent quite a bit of money at the Schnuck's grocery store olive bar.

This summer, in the name of economy (and fun!), I'm trying to make the little bits myself.

Roasted Grape Tomatoes (I can't wait to make these with our own homegrown grapes!)

1 pint Cherry Tomatoes
1 T+ olive oil
several cloves of garlic - skin on
kosher salt

preheat oven to 400, line baking sheet with foil, spray, toss tomatoes, olive oil, salt and garlic in the pan and roast for ½ hour or until they are done to your liking. The garlic imparts flavor and you can pick it out and use with other dishes like...

Tzatziki Sauce!

1 cup or one container plain yogurt
Drain yogurt through a coffee filter and a colander into a bowl (try to set it up so the yogurt isn't sitting in its own juices) I just set it up and leave it on the counter for several hours - about ½ cup of stuff (whey??) will drain out depending on the type of yogurt.

½ of a cucumber, seeded (VERY IMPORTANT) shredded and squeezed of much of the moisture as possible.

1-2 cloves roasted garlic

kosher salt

Blend all ingredients together and use as a topping for falafel or as a spread for baguette.

Balsamic Onions

Pearl onions or 2-3 large white onions sliced- Vidalias are DELICIOUS!
½ t sugar
1 T butter
kosher salt
Balsamic vinegar

Slowly slowly slowy cook the onions with the butter, sugar and salt. This will take an hour depending on how many and what type onions you are using. Do not brown too soon, let them carmelize. When nicely carmelized, add in a couple shots of vinegar and let cook. Cool and eat with the Tzatziki Sauce or add to pasta salad. Try not to stand over the sink and just eat the whole batch plain. :-)