Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Have you ever had vertigo? I hadn't until Monday. All I can say is yuck. I thought there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with me. Luckily (?) the verdict came back inner ear infection. The really really FUN part is the medicine they give you for the vertigo. Knocked me on my ass for about 32 hours.... Am finally coming out of the haze. Back to work tomorrow? We'll see. Oh! and the OTHER fun part, if anxiety makes your already borderline high blood pressure go up, you should see what it does to you along with feeling like crap. I suspect the doc visit today is mostly a BP check. I am not vertignous (?) anymore. I don't think. It's so hard to tell when you've been sleeping practically since Monday night. And when I say sleeping, I mean in a coma.....


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Linda said...

my sister's had it....not me, thankfully! But, counting my sister, you're the third blogger this summer who has had vertigo!

Hope you're coming out of the drug stupor and feeling better soon!