Sunday, August 12, 2007

Indian Feast

I don't have time to transcribe the recipes and you probably wouldn't make them anyway! Had a huge Indian feast last night. Naan, samosas, curry chickpeas and tandoori-ish chicken & of course basmati rice. Delicious! Here are some progress pics - once we got close to dinner, everyone was too hungry for me to snap many of the finished products!
Chicken in first marinating stage.

Potatoes for samosas.
Partially completed chick pea curry.

Onions and red hot peppers for samosas.
Onions and Jalapenos for chick peas.
Naan grilling.


Linda said...

My question is...did the kids like it? Or was it just for you and Scott? Cuz I know my kids wouldn't touch anything they can't say!!!

Fern's mom said...

Well - they ate the naan, the rice and the samosas. They tried the chicken but didn't like the spices. We are both adventurous eaters and are trying to get the kids to be. Maya is much more so than Seth. They love Chinese, Thai and Japanese. Indian is just okay for them. I think next weekend is going to be Thai!

Fern's mom said...

I should also add - we "introduced" the food to them. Samosa's? Just like chinese dumplings or wonton (they both LOVE crab rangoon and wonton soup). Plus gave them sweet and sour sauce and chutney to put on them. Naan? Just some yummy bread. White rice? they both love it.

Seth is getting disturbing with his hatred of anything other than plain chicken. I'm going to have to cure him of that!