Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another List

Things I love (in no particular order)

The Weather Channel
WXRT Radio Chicago streaming
Making cards with Maya
Watching Jon Stewart with Scott
Vince Vaughn
Andy Garcia (for totally different reasons)
Lame Disney Halloween movies
Pictures of my friends' kids
Kettle Korn
Hearing Seth & Maya do the "twenty-five" scene from Spongebob and cracking themselves up
Lighting Hannukah candles and listening to the kids sing the prayer

What do you love?


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Linda said...

ugh...spam comments!

What do I like?

A hot cup of coffee, freshly brewed and made just the way I like it

Spontaneous giggles from both kids.

Do it again, mom!

A not-so-healthy child curled up in my arms, knowing that I'm the "healer" and making them feel better.

Lazy mornings snuggled in a warm bed.

Mercy Me

Country Music

Sitting in church and "getting it" when the preacher says something...or having that AMAZING feeling wash over you and tears come!

madwags said...

Things I love...

My girlfriends
Hot coffee
Good wine
The smell of Fall in the air
Singing along (loudly)to a song on the radio
Baking choc. chip cookies with the kids
Diet coke
listening to my girls play nicely together...not enough of that ever
The smell of Bryan left behind after getting ready for work (steam in the bathroom, coffee, cologne and him...)

Fern's mom said...

Ohhh!!! Diet coke!!! I LOVES ME SOME DIET COKE!

How could I forget that???