Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bad Habit

I have a new bad habit of moowing down a small bag of popcorn from the cafeteria every day after lunch… Needs to stop. I’m sure my co-workers are SICK of listening to me snarfing popcorn. Plus – there is popcorn filth all over now. Not to mention the salt, carbs, etc.

My dad HATED it when my high school friends & I would eat popcorn. Apparently 15 year old girls are not too good at hitting their mouths. I got better – but not with popcorn.

I had a friend in college we called Hoover. A la the vacuum type of Hoover (not Herbert). She spent the better part of the end a long night of abusing various substances eating spilled popcorn. Crawling around on her hands and knees. And boom: Her “friends” call her Hoover for the next 4 years.

Off for the HAW. See you soon.

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